Re: Proposed SNOVARC logo

Irvina Mizell

Totally agree.  Less is more.


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Sent: Wednesday, June 5, 2019 6:56 AM
Subject: Re: [snovarc] Proposed SNOVARC logo

I went through this process for my business a couple years ago.  The “MarksV5” is what I came up with, trying to not only represent our business (machine shop) but also the northwest with mountains, trees, and river.  I really liked what I had produced. Then I got schooled on what a logo should really be and worked with an artist come up with the logo that we now use (other attached file).


Logos need to be super simple.  Think about something that is easily embroidered on a baseball cap.  Less is more for logos.




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Subject: [snovarc] Proposed SNOVARC logo


Hello all:

Bill Condon brought this logo to a recent meeting. I would like all of you to review it. We will discuss it at our meeting on June 6th, We could vote on making it our official logo if that is the way the discussion goes. Thank you for taking time to review the logo.




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