Re: SnoVARC's Duvall Bell Repeater to be moved

Dan Pflugrath


If you can find someone with the software to generate the repeaters signal strength coverage from  each location it would make it much easier for WWARA to approve the temporary move. 


The only repeater I know of that may have a conflict is the one in Shelton.  You could easily check that out by putting their PL tone into you base or mobile station from the temporary location and see if you can get it to respond.   If it does respond it would be an indication that mobile stations in the Shelton area could hear the repeater at your location.  More testing would most likely be required to test for interference.


It is really nice that the new property owners are willing to work with SNOVARC.







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Subject: Re: [snovarc] SnoVARC's Duvall Bell Repeater to be moved


The repeater will likely be at my place for at least the next 6 months.  So yes, we should notify WWARA.

Good call Roland!

Who is the club contact for WWARA?


On 06/16/19 18:13, Rowland wrote:

That is great.  I was babysitting all day so could not help….sorry.


Since the operation will be somewhat temp at your place Ken do we need to inform WWARA about this move (in your opinion).






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Subject: Re: [snovarc] SnoVARC's Duvall Bell Repeater to be moved


Good job team! 

Sorry I could not make it with obligations.

Ken W7ECK 

On Jun 15, 2019, at 2:44 PM, W7ABD <w7abd1@...> wrote:

The Duvall Bell Repeater was disassembled and successfully moved to my QTH today.

I should have it back on-line in a few days...

Many thanks to Ralph (KC7QXD) and Tom (WA7TBP) for their help in making this project a big success! 
Could not have done it without you guys!



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