Re: Field Day City Safety Rules

Irvina Mizell

I planned on bringing my fire extinguishers (2).  Perhaps a couple more would be good.


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If I may…….


  • We need to have two fire extinguishers 2A:10BC.  If no one has one of these then we will need to purchase them.
  • Not sure what the CDCCC canopies are constructed of.  Will check.
  • According to the rule we cannot sit under the canopies.  What else would they be for?
  • I will make no smoking signs for the canopies and “DANGER” signs for the antenna areas. I would suggest no smoking policy all around our operation in general.
  • Whoever brings generators you have to be 20’ away from the canopies so make sure and bring outdoor extension cords accordingly.
  • Bring bungee cords or rope to secure propane bottles too something.
  • Need large garbage can/bags






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Subject: [snovarc] Field Day City Safety Rules


Hello all,


Below is an excerpt from the City regarding our use of the Big Rock Ball Field this weekend.  Please review their requirements and come prepared.  See you all soon.


Let me know if you have any questions.






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