Re: [KE7GFZ] Field day antenna's

Ken Kosters


Do not worry, my config just uses short plastic tent stakes 8 inches or less at put on by hand.
If we are all vertical many good contacts will be missed. Still tuning some as rain messed things up yesterday.


On Jun 20, 2019, at 3:23 PM, Shawn / K7ATA <shawn@...> wrote:

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Better to have them and not use them, than to need/want them and not have them.


On 6/20/2019 11:57 AM, Rowland wrote:

I would suggest bringing it and if we do not use it so be it. As mentioned before (by you) we have to be careful about placing spikes in the ground there that could hit water or power systems.



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Hi all,

Just wondering what antennas are coming for the event? I am kind of guarded launching lines especially with park regulations and possible events going on, now days more so and do not feel the need to explain myself to the police. I have been playing around with some wire I had sitting around, tripod and 1:1 for 20 and 40 meters with a painters pole for inverted V. Just tuning it tonight and had 1:5 mid band on 40 meters and 2:5 on 20 meters before the wind and rain moved in. Need a couple spikes and stabilizing strings but should hopefully be ready by Friday with some tuning.
The question should I bring if anyone would want to use?


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