Re: End Fed Half Wave setup

Shawn / K7ATA

Seems more common to feed inverted Ls at the bottom, but every time, some radials are needed.


On 6/27/2019 8:47 PM, Kirt / K7KDW wrote:
Putting this out there for others to chime in on.

During the New Ham Net tonight a question came up about setting up an End Fed Half Wave in an Inverted L configuration.

The question was whether it mattered which end the feed point was on. My understanding is that this configuration, the feed point would be on the higher end of the "L".

My first End Fed was a Chameleon Emcomm portable and I used their documentation on configurations with that and my MyAntennas EFHW. That document is here (PDF Warning)

I looked over the doc again but I couldn't find something that answered that question in there so I'm hoping someone else can give an answer to this.

Kirt - K7KDW

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