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Dan Pflugrath

The resonate end fed half wave EFHW antenna can be configured many ways and it will still work well.


The optimum is to place the 49:1 transformer near ground level and use an earth ground with the antenna wire cut to 1/2 wavelength at the lowest operating frequency.  The earth ground reduces noise but is not absolutely necessary.  The antenna wire works optimum in an inverted L configuration.  The coax lead in is the counter poise but with the antenna wire cut to 1/2 wavelength very little current flows in the coax counter poise.  Put an RF choke near your radio if you get RF in the shack.  Some radios are more sensitive to it than others.


The EFHW works as well as a 1/2 wave dipole but is also has low SWR at the multiples of the lowest operating frequency.   My 40 meter EFHW works with low SWR on 40, 20, 15, 12 and 10 meters.  There are ways to add to the antenna to get 30, 18 if needed.


For additional information and assistance see the End Fed Half Wave Facebook page at  There is a ham on that page that has done considerable testing to assist with implementation.


This is a very popular antenna for Summits On The Air since it requires only one pole and can be either a slopper for 20 and 30 meters or an inverted V for 40 meters.  There are commercial versions available or check out the Facebook page for how easy they are to build.







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Subject: [snovarc] End Fed Half Wave setup


Putting this out there for others to chime in on.

During the New Ham Net tonight a question came up about setting up an End Fed Half Wave in an Inverted L configuration. 

The question was whether it mattered which end the feed point was on. My understanding is that this configuration, the feed point would be on the higher end of the "L". 

My first End Fed was a Chameleon Emcomm portable and I used their documentation on configurations with that and my MyAntennas EFHW. That document is here (PDF Warning)

I looked over the doc again but I couldn't find something that answered that question in there so I'm hoping someone else can give an answer to this.

Kirt - K7KDW

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