Re: End Fed Half Wave setup

Ryan - KJ7GIE

Thank you everyone for the additional detail.

The reason for my question is that this is one solution I'm thinking about to get an HF antenna into my shack. My "shack" is upstairs in a bedroom and my 2/70 antenna is up in the attic. I've already run coax from the attic to the room. With that already in place the "easy" way to get an HF antenna run is to put the transformer/feed in the attic and attach to existing coax. Then drop the wire out of an attic vent to my fence and run the whatever additional feet is required along the wooden fence based upon whatever length / band(s) antenna I decide to go with. But I've not run into another example of the feed line being at the high point. Before I invested into this experiment I thought I'm ask the collective minds here.

So far I've not found that this will not work but it's obviously an additional comprise like every antenna. I will check out the FB group and continue to research. Still on the fence (pun intended) on if it's worth going forward with this design or scrapping it and finding another solution. Research never ends.

If I do decide to go forward with this idea I'm looking at ants from and Not cheap stuff but then I don't have to do any of the math. I'll also e-mail them after I do more research. Again, appreciate the collective knowledge!

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