Re: Wake Up Call

Shawn / K7ATA

It happened at 2:52 local time, 0952 UTC, and I was playing a game at the time; Thought I was getting too excited for a moment until my chair started moving sideways.

After a brief walk around the house, I checked in on the repeater, and it seems like I was the only person awake. :-)

Anyone that wants details on last nights event can look here:


On 7/12/2019 11:44 AM, Rowland wrote:

OK Folks,

We had a little wake up call last night about 2:50 AM.  Though it was somewhat small (4.6) it is still something to take seriously.  Make sure you have your emergency kits up to date, your radio go kits ready to go, etc.  I know that radio operators are always a little more prepared then the average citizen but make sure your kits are up to date.

Go to this site to see suggestions for what you should have in your kit.  Then update your kit as needed.

There are also options available at stores like Costco that have ready made food kits.

For those of you that have generators make sure the gas is fresh and they are ready to go.

A little preparation now will go a long way when the time comes.

Thank You,


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