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Howard E. Mahran / WA1HEM

Paul - you make some really good points about that case - especially that there might not be that much protection in the front or rear panels and it's definitely is not made to stack. The case you have is awesome, nearly a tank, with the only missing feature being waterproof when closed (although I doubt that is necessary). But this one appears to be lighter and more luggable...Tough choices! I like the idea of building the Rack first using an external rack, sans a case, fine tune the setup and then think about which case to use.

Also - here is the link I was talking about yesterday for the "Power Charger Transfer Kit" available from John Boal K9JEB (Redmond) that I was thinking of adding to my Go-Box. I just bought a jpole from him. This is pretty cool because it can be connected full-time to a power supply and will automatically switch to battery power should AC be lost (or you can just run from the battery or keep it off and use on-demand). My next questions is can you put an SLA battery on its side? Fun stuff...
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