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Paul - you make some really good points about that case - especially that there might not be that much protection in the front or rear panels and it's definitely is not made to stack. The case you have is awesome, nearly a tank, with the only missing feature being waterproof when closed (although I doubt that is necessary).
None of these cases are waterproof but the SKB case I’ve got actually has a gasket, so when the end caps are on it’s probably rainproof.  I have no plans to submerge it so weather resistant is fine.  The manufacturers web sites will all tell you if a case has a gasket. 

But this one appears to be lighter and more luggable...Tough choices! I like the idea of building the Rack first using an external rack, sans a case, fine tune the setup and then think about which case to use.

One issue is that if you have multiple shelves, any cabling that goes from the top shelf to the bottom may well need to be routed differently if you change rack/case.

Also - here is the link I was talking about yesterday for the "Power Charger Transfer Kit" available from John Boal K9JEB (Redmond) that I was thinking of adding to my Go-Box. I just bought a jpole from him. This is pretty cool because it can be connected full-time to a power supply and will automatically switch to battery power should AC be lost (or you can just run from the battery or keep it off and use on-demand). My next questions is can you put an SLA battery on its side? Fun stuff…

Yes, you can put an SLA battery on its side.  An alternative to the kit from John is:

I have a couple of these and find them really handy.  Slightly more expensive than what John sells but John’s version would be a problem if the battery is on its side.

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