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Howard E. Mahran / WA1HEM

Paul - thanks for the feedback above. The pwrgate looks perfect and isn't really more expensive since John's solution is a kit that you have to assemble, solder, etc. and you're right, John's solution sits on the top of the battery which poses a problem in a rack (thus my question about putting an SLA battery on its side). 

I noticed in your box that some of your items, like the rigs head was screwed to a mount that was attached directly to the rack - how did you mount your other items that don't have a natural way to secure to the rack? Straps? You're innards looks very neat and clean.  I didn't notice. I'm going to run over to Guitar center this weekend to check out if they have any rack cases on hand to look at. I'm also going to explore using a smaller 2u case for just carrying the power supply, Yaesu main unit, head and external speaker, then deal with the backup batteries separately. Don't know. So many permutations!! Thanks again for all the great input!


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