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It is with sadness that I inform our membership that Sam Baker passed away last Sunday.  For those of you that knew Sam he was a great guy with a dry sense of humor.  He was quite active in the club several years ago but eventually illness crept up on him and his mobility became limited. Two years ago he attended the ham test trying for his Extra but did not quite make it.  He was always fun to be around and your wit better be sharp or you were going to go down in flames.  He will be missed.


His wife Diane wanted to let members know there would be a gathering at Holy Innocents Church this Friday, August 16, at 11:00 a.m. and the funeral mass at 12:00 noon. Please see memory page for Sam


I would like to suggest we have a moment of silence at the next meeting to remember Sam.





Thank You,


Rowland Brasch


Rowland Brasch


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