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Dan Pflugrath


Here is the link to the 40th anniversary article for the Quagi antenna with history and good directions for construction.


You will notice that it references the original QST article from April 1977.  The article is available if you are an ARRL member (if you are not a member I encourage you to join).

APR 1977 - QST (PG. 11)

VHF Quagi, The

Author: Overbeck, Wayne, K6YNB


If anyone wants to build one of these I have an 70CM example using PVC pipe I can bring and can assist however needed.  From the articles I did adjust the quad elements smaller to bring the resonant frequency up to the repeater transmit frequency range.




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Somewhere I have two articles on the Quagi, both supplied I think by Dan when I expressed interest back when Dan showed his at a meeting.  I also have a Quagi UFO (Un Finished Object).


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> Howard,

> See if you can find the original article for the quagi from about 1985 time frame.   I can assist more end of next week when I return from vacation.   Dan

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