Re: Best place to get 125' of LM 400?

Lou Giliberto (KD7HCW)

I never thought of using ladder line like that. Great idea! Thanks!

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I'll look when I'm back home. I may have 100' of excess.

Worth noting that while DXE does occasionally stock LMR400 (a product by Times Microwave), most of what we buy is "DX-400."  They are both great product, but definitely differ.  The plastic used on the outer jacket is more plasticky on the DX Engineering stuff, slightly rubbery on the Times stuff.

UltraFlex is also a Times Microwave brand, but others have produced equivalents.  I use DX-400 Flex or whatever they call it (braided center conductor), as the real deal is even _more_ expensive.

I've also had great luck with Shireen's knock-off "400."  When I was last looking, it was hard to find in quantities less than a full spool, but it might be a good option for a group buy.

As others have said, .2dB/100' isn't a huge deal for most uses.  Longer runs, consider coax to a 1:9 transformer then 450 ohm window line to a 9:1 on the other end; lower loss than LMR400 and it's cheaper and less of a PITA than hard line. DXE manufacturers a pair of these. They're nearly impossible to find on the site - I'll find the model number, if anyone is interested.

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