Re: Jammer on Cougar Repeater

Lou Giliberto (KD7HCW)

I have a scanner with rssi logging and audio recording I'll turn on at my qth.

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As of late we have been experiencing disruption of the club's repeater by an individual.  We refer to this type of person as a "jammer".

This Jammer typically disrupts the repeater between the hours 16:30 to 18:30 Monday through Friday.  These events last about 30 minutes or so and consist of rapid clicking of the mic PTT, broadcasting football games and playing music.  When I catch him at it, I turn the repeater off.  If you have noticed the repeater unresponsive in the evenings - this is why.

I believe this lowlife to be mobile, as I have heard him fade in and out on the reverse frequency (446.825) from my home QTH here east of Duvall.

Under FCC rules we as repeater owners are not libel for the content transmitted by others on our repeater.  We are libel though if we don't take action to stop these transmissions.  Hence the reason I have been turning the repeater off. 

If you have a chance, try listening to the input frequency of the repeater (446.825) during these times, to see if we can direction find these transmissions and locate this jammer.  Hopefully putting a stop to it.


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