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I downloaded it for free???


Here is the site with the real URL


Thank You,


Rowland Brasch


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Hi Roland,

I could not get the tinyURL link to work - cross scripting error...

Assuming you are referring to: "The Radio Today guide to the Icom IC-7300" by Andrew Barron.

Looks like nice guide to the 7300.  It's not free however...  Kindle price is: $9.50 and Paperback version is: $13.51.  Of course if you pay the Kindle Unlimited Membership fee, then you can read it for "free" until your membership expires...

Think I will get the paperback version.  Will be nice addition to my other radio manuals...

Thanks for the tip!


On 11/10/19 09:44, Rowland wrote:

For those of you that have the IC7300 radio please read.  I found this book on  So far I find it an easy read with lots of help for IC7300 users. It is free if you have a Kindle or Kindle app on your pad.
The URL is long so I reduced it using "".



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