Re: 220 repeater WA7PFB 223.9 - 88.5

Ryan - KJ7GIE

OK, my story time. I was able to make contacts on Thursday night.

I'm downtown Carnation behind the elementary school in the new development. I have a 2 story home and cannot reach any repeater with a whip antenna from anywhere in or around my home. For that reason, I have a 2/70 and a 1.25 antenna in the attic. My 1.25 is the Arrow OSJ-220

I was able to hit the repeater using my BaoFeng UV-5X3 connected to that antenna (stack of adapters -> LMR-400 flex). That's only the 2nd 220 repeater I've made contact with. Good times indeed!

The BaoFeng isn't great so I give the reception report on-par or maybe slightly scratchier than normal. Now, the SnoVARC repeater was working well that night into my 7100 but we did have a good amount of fog downtown which has caused me reception problems in the past. It seemed people could hear me fine. Happy to keep testing as needed. Keep us posted on the changes and updates.

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