Re: IC-705 anyone?


Hi Ryan,

I have had my eye on this one ever since it was announced...

The IC-705 is a QRP rig, so power output is low by design.  What I really like - it's a true SDR and has the same basic design and Waterfall display as the 7300.  Which I love! 

This rig would make an awesome RFI noise hunter.

But Icom really blew it when they released the 9700 - way over priced!  So worried they will do the same to the 705 and put it out of my reach...  Just have to wait and see...


On 11/22/19 17:50, Ryan - KJ7GIE wrote:
Is the IC-705 interesting?

Portable HF/50/144/430 All Mode at 10W with external supply / 5W battery color display with scope. 

If I was just starting out I might find this very interesting because it has the scope. Now that I own more cheap handhelds than I can carry at once plus the IC-7100 I don't find this as interesting. It looks cool as a portable though and supports a few things my 7100 doesn't. The max output power of 10W seems low though. All of the other Icom "mobile" radios @ 13.8v do at least 50W. Interested in your thoughts.

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