Re: IC-705 anyone?

Robin WA7CPA

My non-engineer POV is do/spend whatever it takes ASAP to get on the air and have fun. As you operate you figure out what’s needed next. Get any antenna up and GO. Then work out the rest of your farm. Also, when you spend, buy ONCE. It is more expensive to go cheap and keep upgrading because you left behind features. For instance when I bought my KPA500 amp I didn’t spend the money on the one with more features that now I dearly wish I had. If I had a rule for myself about building stuff myself I wouldn’t yet have a functioning shack. Getting help is what my Elmer’s are for...btw Elmer’s, my 8900 is dead as a door nail. Need help in December troubleshooting...thanks in advance.

Robin, WA7CPA

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