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Robin WA7CPA

I was using my KX3 for both home and field for awhile. At 10-15 watts out one must have patience and low expectations. As the number of modes and complexity of what I wanted to do grew, I added a 7300 and other equipment to home station. KX3 is strictly field now and there is no way I would even think of disconnecting my home station for the field now. I added the KPA100 for some power to the KX3. With Signalink I’ve got rtty and FT8 in the field, along with CW and SSB.  But, I’m not packing to peaks. If I was, it would be strictly my KX3, Bioenno battery, and lightweight wire antenna or AX1.

If you are not packing to peaks and want to do car and picnic table deployment, consider the 7300 for both portable and home station. You get 100 watts out without the PA. I have a great station for packing anywhere i can park the car and run coax off the Tarheel mounted on the roof.

GL and have fun!

Robin, WA7CPA 

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I am trying to sort out what type of rig to buy next year.  I expect to use 10/20/40/80M bands.  I am looking for a solid rig without a lot of fancy bells and whistles I can use at home or in the field.

Recommendations please.  :) 

Dale Smith
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