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Lou Giliberto (KD7HCW)

Sorry for replying in multiple emails as thoughts come to me.

The xiegu g90 is good if you want to run off battery or a small power supply. It's 20watts out so helps if you are doing SSB. I wouldn't count on too much SSB with a 10 watt rig until prop improves.

If you want 100 watts in a small box look at the Yaesu options. There are also icom and yaesu rigs that are only available used. The 7100 is also an option but the head is always remote.

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I am trying to sort out what type of rig to buy next year.  I expect to use 10/20/40/80M bands.  I am looking for a solid rig without a lot of fancy bells and whistles I can use at home or in the field.

Recommendations please.  :) 

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