Re: Do I really needan 8ft ground rod?

Dan Pflugrath

If you are using the ground rod as a lightning ground also then you are all on the right track. 


If you are using it only as an RF ground the easy way is to buy a length of copper pipe, cut one end at a sharp angle and solder a hose adapter on the other.  Attach it to your water supply and just push on it and work it into the ground.  I did this for my End Fed Half Wave antenna and was easily able to get 8 feet into the ground.  I think I found the idea on YouTube.






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My first antenna on my KX3 was a wire tossed out the upstairs window with another wire along the baseboard. My KX3 puts out 15 watts barefoot. Now my station is in the basement, up to 500 watts out of the PA. Hillside vertical with starburst ground wires and a balun. All the work is done outside EXCEPT pounding in a ground rod outside the shack. I doubt 8 feet is possible in my location. It has been tried...I power down the entire shack, unplug, and disconnect the coax at the PA when the weather looks dicey. I am aware of a tower running 1.5K without all "necessary" ground rods. There are some horror lightning stories, houses burning down. Has that happened here? 


So, with no ground rod are you prepared with a storm mitigation plan and willing to take your chances? If I lived in Florida, my answer would be different than living here. I will get a round tuit, perhaps this coming summer.  Ward Silver, N0AX, wrote THE book on the subject, available through ARRL.  He also had an "incident". Not sure any grounding measures are foolproof. It is all hypothetical because the power of lightning is pretty much beyond comprehension and unpredictable. 


So, I say, don't put up more barriers to getting on the air than are necessary...



Robin, WA7CPA






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I'm about to toss up a random wire antenna. I'm wondering if I really need a full 8ft grounding rod or can I get a decent ground with something shorter. What say you Elmers?


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