SnoVARC Emergency Net


SnoVARC Emergency Net Drill

The next SnoVARC Radio Net on this Thursday November at 8 PM (20:00) will be different.  It will be an emergency net drill reporting conditions within your environment after a simulated earthquake.  I will serve as net control for this exercise. I will be using an abbreviated version of the normal net script titled “Emergency SnoVARC Net Script”. 

During this emergency net you will be requested to report the following items:

  1. Your physical condition (are you OK, hurt, do you need aid, etc)
  2. Physical condition of anyone else within your immediate area (home, business, etc)
  3. Condition of the building you are in (home, business, other)
  4. Do you have electrical power?
  5. Condition of the immediate area outside of the building you are in (residential neighborhood, business park, etc.)
  6. Condition of the roads in your immediate area.
  7. Have you felt any aftershocks?

This next item is very important. Everyone taking part in this emergency net will record everything that is reported by each participant.  This is good practice in case something was to happen to the net controller during an actual event.  That way there is still an active information log to use as needed. If this was to happen then someone listening will need to step up and take over the net and continue with check ins. 

When the net is complete please make a simple report and email it too me for review.  Use my email address at K7RWB@... .

I have created a simple log sheet that I will attach to this email.  You can make copies and use it or make your own.  That is your decision.

Net check-ins will be done without the usual alpha call sequence.  I will call for the following in this order:

  1. All stations with emergency traffic please come now
  2. All stations with or without traffic please come now

One thing to always remember during this net is when you make your report on the radio to speak “slowly and clearly” and use the phonetic alphabet for your call sign.  Remember in a real event, things will be a little crazy and we would all feel pressure to make radio communications.  We would all tend to speak fast and loudly.  That is the worst mistake one could make.  The person taking down the information must understand it the best they can so speaking slowly and clearly is extremely important.  That is why I want everyone to copy down the information from each participant.  It is a good lesson in listening.

Remember this is a drill and I will announce that several times during the net so there is no confusion to those that might be listening.

I hope many of you participate in this net as it will be a learning experience.  Do not feel embarrassed if you make an error.  That is why we do practice emergency nets like this so we can all learn from them. The more you participate the more comfortable you will be using the radio during events, nets and drills.



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