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Peter - yes its digital - Digital Mobile Radio- its  one of several different digital radio standards - this one is open source. Has its pluses and minuses but seems to be the most widely adopted in our area. Other Digital standards are from Yaesu (WiresX) and Icom (DStar). Ive used WiresX and am  interested in learning about DMR. Join us! 
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On Dec 19, 2019, at 2:03 PM, Peter Marchel <peterm@...> wrote:
Showing my ignorance what does DMR stand for?  Am I correct to think it is Digital?
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One more announcement on the DMR Class
It will be held January 11th at Duvall Fire 10am – 1pm
It is a beginner’s class for DMR radios.
If you have not already indicated you want to attend please email me soon so I can add you to the students list.
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Howard E. Mahran
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