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Paul Butzi (W7PFB)

I’m not sure where your confusion about USB, LSB, RTTY came in.  RTTY is just another digital mode.  USB = Upper Side Band, LSB = Lower Side Band, and are the two choices if you’re using Single Side Band (SSB) voice.  The convention is upper sideband from 14MHz and higher, and lower sideband below 14MHz. (exception: the convention is upper sideband when using the channelized 60m band, which is why those 60m channels are colored that funky blue on the ARRL chart)  

On 10m, Tech licensees have privileges from 28.000 MHz up through 28.5.  Everything 28.000-28.300 is RTTY and digital modes only.  Between 28.3 and 29.700 the bandplan allows for phone (aka SSB - Single Side Band).   There’s some confusing presentation here because the green color is specified as ‘phone and image’ in the key, and yellow is ’SSB phone’.  But the yellow color is just used to indicate that Novice and Tech class licensees are permitted to work between 28.300MHz and 28.500MHz but only using SSB voice.  So if you want to work, say, FT8 on 10m you need to be studying for your general ticket.

So if a Tech class licensee wants to use single side band voice on 10m, that licensee is good to go as long as he doesn’t go outside 28.300 MHz through 28.500 MHz (but remember not to let your sideband overlap the upper boundary, because on 10m the convention is to use upper side band, so if your dial is set to 28.400, for example, the upper reach of your bandwidth would fall above the 28.500 MHz boundary.)

On 6m, it doesn’t matter what your license class is, you’re good to go.  All license classes have the same priv’s on 6m, 2m, 70cm.

On 1.25m novices and techs can’t use the fixed digital message portion down between 219-220 MHz but between 222 and 225 MHZ the privs are the same for everyone.  So if your radio will work on 1.25m (aka 220) you’re free to use the newly fired up 220 repeaters!

-p W7PFB
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On Dec 28, 2019, at 4:23 PM, Dale Smith <dale_smith@...> wrote:

So, I’m looking through the band plan to see what frequencies I can use as a Tech.  I see I have the 10M LSB open to me.  It least I didthink that … The next band down is 6M and I think RTTY is USB and LSB is phone/image.  Then I look at 2 Meters and it’s like I lost my mind!  Do we use USB and LSB with 2M, 1.25M, 70cm, 33cm, and 23cm?  I hit an unexpected wall here.  Please clear me up …
Dale Smith
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