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The image file I attached in my email apparently didn’t make it.  So, if you look at the ARRL band plan for 10 Meters I see a red and green section label E, A, G and a small block below with red and yellow blocks label N and T.
This is where USB and LSB comes in.  For 10M I am assuming the blocks for E, A, and G are USB and the blocks below for N and T as LSB.  Am I mistaken in this concept?  

Yes, you’re mistaken.  I see how you are interpreting the upper half and lower half as upper sideband and lower sideband but that’s incorrect.

The upper half of that graphic (red and green, running from 28.000 to 29.700 MHz), is describing the privileges for licensee whose license is Amateur Extra, Advanced, or General, matching the letters E, A, G to the right 

The lower half of that graphic, (red and yellow, running from 28.000 to 28.500 MHz), is describing the privileges for licensees whose license class is Novice or Technician, matching the letters N, T to the right.  The notation “(200 W)” to the right indicates that novice and tech licensees are limited to 200  watts or less on the 10 meter band.

The color indicates what mode may be used, see the key on the right edge of the bandplan chart.

What the graphic is saying is that 
* Amateur Extra, Advanced, and General class licensees may use RTTY and data modes between 28.000MHz and 28.300 MHz (that’s the red portion of the upper half) , and may use phone and image modes (e.g. SSB voice, AM voice, SSTV, etc.) between 28.300MHz and 29.700 MHz (that’s the green portion).
* Novice and Technician class licensees may use RTTY and data modes between 28.000 MHz and 28.300 MHz (the red portion), and may use SSB phone between 28.300 MHz and 28.500 MHz (that’s the yellow portion).

It turns out that there’s more bandplan structure beyond just what is in the ARRL chart, describing a consensus agreement about the ranges where repeater input and output frequencies fall, what frequencies are appropriate for FM simplex, etc.  For our region see the bandplan at

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