Re: Best source for T130-2 Toroid Cores?

Dan Pflugrath


I always need to order any toroid core, never found a local source I could trust.  Many hams order from Mouser for consistent quality.  You can also order on line from Amazon which has about a one week delivery.  I have always purchased mine from US sources on Ebay and have had good luck on quality and pricing and about 1 week delivery.


For your UNUN antenna, do you have space for 130 feet of wire or 1/2 wavelength on 80 meters?



Dan Pflugrath KA7GPP







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Subject: Re: [SnoVARC] Best source for T130-2 Toroid Cores?


Bah humbug! Vetco only has small, unknown composition,  toroid cores. 😢
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