G5RV Replacement

Ken Koch WA7KK

I've had a G5RV up for less than 18 months.  In the winds last night the wires basically pulled apart at the one end where the wire and rope meet.  I think that there was a loop there, but I don't recall.  I had it mounted with good pulleys on both ends that were moving freely so there shouldn't have been too much strain on it.  Basically the wire unraveled.

Now I need to decide if I want to replace it with a G5RV (and hope that it lasts longer), or go with something else.  The space between the trees was just about perfect for the G5RV so I want to stat within the same general ballpark in terms of length.   Since putting the wire back up the tree is a pain, This is not something I want to do every year or so.

Any suggestions?

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