Weekly net report 1/9/2020

Paul Butzi (W7PFB)

We had a very nice weekly 8pm net this evening.

The following SNOVARC hams checked in:

W7ECK Ken in Duvall
W7ABD Jim in Duvall
K7RWB Roland in Lake Joy
KJ7GIE Ryan in Carnation
WA1HEM Howard in Duvall
K7KDW Kirt in Monroe
KC7QXD Ralph in Duvall
AA7Z Dick in Lake Marcel

Jim reported the following hams checked in via Winlink:

K7RWB Rowland

And two visitors checked in:

KJ7ALM Keith in Renton Highlands, it’s so nice we’re hearing him check in so regularly.
KJ7QWZ Jason in Kingston, who did a great job and was persistent and patient to get checked in from Kingston.

As net control this evening I appreciated the help from Ralph KC7QXD in using reverse as we tried to hear Jason when he was struggling to get into the repeater. Neither Ralph nor I could hear him on reverse (of course) but I think it’s important to do everything we can to help everyone get checked in when their signal into the repeater is marginal. It’s great practice for a time when we might really need to make that QSO work and conditions are not in our favor.

And on that note, after the net Ralph caught me just before I went QRT to tell me about a feature I didn’t know about on my radio, which I was pretty sure I knew front to back, where the radio can automatically indicate that it can hear a signal on the input frequency of the repeater. It’s alway nice to learn something new about your gear!

I had a great chat with Jason after the net. He was checking in using the slot cube antenna he’d built from the design that was written up in QST just recently. Jason was excited to hear about the morning round table on our 441.825 Cougar repeater, so I’m hoping we’ll be hearing Jason regularly in the future. If you check out Jason’s QRZ page you can see photos of the slot cube antenna.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

-p W7PFB
73, Don’t forget to smile and have fun!

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