More ACES classes open ----Fw: Kirkland ACES Class February 22-23

Irvina Mizell

Quick, sign up for one.  I'll be at the one in Renton on May 2 & 3.


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Subject: Kirkland ACES Class February 22-23

You may have seen the Kirkland class is now WILDLY over-booked.  We have 24 seats available and 42 registered.  There have been a couple drops so it was actually higher.  I have been working on getting additional classes scheduled and now have two more posted at in Seattle and Renton.  I’m still working on one in Bellingham.


I wanted to mention this in the hope that people might be interested in these alternate locations.  You can simply register for one of these alternate sessions at and let me know, so I can cancel the registration in this class.  I’ll give everyone time to decide what they’d like to do and then let everyone know where they are on the registration list.


It's fantastic to see all the interest and we want everyone to have the best experience possible.  Hopefully we can get everyone in the best possible option.




Scott N7SS

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