Re: Fw: A New Update is Available for the DMR-6X2

Kirt White / K7KDW

Nice. Thanks for the heads up Lou.

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Not sure about the anytone, but the btech dmr update just came out and brings aprs with it.

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DMR-6X2 Firmware Release
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btech DMR-6X2  
Firmware 2.01 is available for download
Download Now

V2.0 is Finally Here!

We are excited to release a major firmware release for the DMR-6X2. This update release several new major features that are detailed below.

We encourage firmware feedback. If you find any bugs or have firmware suggestions, please reach out to us. Some new features are already on the roadmap for firmware 2.02.

We also offer a "Bug Bounty" program on the DMR-6X2; we want to squash any issue you may find in future firmware updates. If you have found a bug (or want to learn more about this program) - simply reply to this email. 

Retail News: Because of the major changes and feature additions to the DMR-6X2; the retail pricing has also increased due to contract requirements. LUCKY YOU, you have all of these features without the additional up-front cost 😉 (sometimes it pays to wait)!

BTECH is committed to serving customers and releasing products with a long lifecycle. We strive to provide fewer product releases - while delivering a better initial product that will last more then a year (looking at you

We work through the process from start to finish to deliver our best and we hope our labor of love is reflected in what you have purchased!

New Features:

- Analog APRS
- DMR Roaming
- DMR Talker Alias
- Custom Background Image
- Custom Font Colors
- New Side Key Options
- Other Minor Feature Changes and Navigational Improvements

Bug Fixes:
- Callsign Color Display Issue
- Minor Spelling Typos and Changes
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