Cougar Mountain repeater failure exercise


Hello to those of you that participated in the Cougar Repeater failure exercise. I have attached a spread sheet listing those that participated. Did you hear me? Did I hear you on the 441.825 MHz repeater output.

Comments from the participants:
    1. The exercise was worth doing.
    2. Some of you were surprised that you could hear one another on UHF.
    3. Very curious how well VHF will work for the same exercise.
    4. Great to finally figure out what the reverse button was for.
    5. Great to review how to turn off the repeater offset and go to simplex.

I feel we determined that UHF simplex can work, but it will be interesting to see how well VHF may work. I am pleased that all of you took the time to review the operation of you radio. It never hurts to review the controls. Your fearless leader here made a bone head error when programming my rig to do the exercise, and I literally fixed the issue 30 seconds before the exercise. This is why we do drills and exercises.

I would really like all of you to come up with some mini exercises and run them. For the time being, please let me know if you want to run a drill. I will prepare a list for posting. If you have an idea, but are really not wanting to run the drill, contact me and let me know what your idea is, and I will work with you to see if we can do it. Some ideas for upcoming 3rd Thursday drills, 10 meter tune up, 75 meter tune up, maybe simple message traffic. These drills do not need to be complex or take a long time to plan. Remember the KISS principle, (keep it simple stupid).

Thanks again for you time and participation. I enjoyed doing the drill with all of you. Great work by all.


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