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Linda Hanson <lindamilth2@...>

Hi, Irvina!

I'm planning to take the VE refresher course on 3/3.  

On Fri, Feb 21, 2020 at 1:43 PM Irvina Mizell <irvina.mizell@...> wrote:
Pop-up meeting, last minute.  If you have any interest in serving as a VE (Volunteer Examiner) at the testing in April, please do three things:

  • Mark your calendar for this coming Tuesday, February 25th.  Join me at the Duvall Fire Station to review the requirements to become a VE (let me know you're coming please).
  • If possible, prior to the meeting review the VE manual here:
  • Let me know you'd like to take the VE Refresher course, taught by Dave Wickert, scheduled for Tuesday, March 3rd at 5:30 also at the Fire Station.  You do not need to be a current VE to take this class with Dave.  Per Dave:  The Seminar is designed for an existing VE seeking to understand the latest issues such as the proper handling of the new “felony question”, lifetime exam credit, etc. Included in the seminar is an extensive practicum — learn how to solve just about every exam problem under the sun. While this version of the Seminar is being taught as a refresher, it is perfectly OK that a ham thinking of becoming a VE also attend. We strongly recommend that you at least read the VE Manual ( prior to the Seminar as we will assume a basic understanding of the exam process. You can even start the process by completing your open-book exam paperwork 😊  Or bring it with you and ask the group help you with the questions! Open-book means open-book 😊
If you are already an experienced VE and would like to facilitate on the 25th, let me know.  Otherwise, we will be like the blind leading the blind.



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