COVID-19 Hotline set up for Duvall & Carnation; CDCCC volunteers needed

Kathy K7KJB

Urgent message for Badged CDCCC Volunteers:

An opportunity has come up for Carnation-Duvall Citizen Corps volunteers to assist in a local response due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Cities of Duvall and Carnation are opening a Hot Line to support citizens who fall under the vulnerable populations category and might need assistance with certain tasks, such as grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, etc. The Cities will take the calls and CDCCC Volunteers will perform the tasks, which are expected to take place during daytime hours. This is NOT an emergency response. YOU MUST BE A CDCCC VOLUNTEER WITH A KING COUNTY TEMPORARY WORKER BADGE TO HELP WITH THIS RESPONSE. If you want to assist with this response please contact Kathy Brasch at info@... or call 425-941-9295 and you will receive further instructions.


Kathy Brasch

Carnation-Duvall Citizen Corps President




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