Re: Brimar or Mullard 12AU7 Tubes

Ryan - KJ7GIE

The price of tubes has gone up significantly over the past couple years as "audiophiles" and "vintage audio" enthusiasts are preferring them over solid-state gear. If you've got a pile of tubes on hand it may be time to sell them and retire (ok, not really). Spending over $100 a tube for a matched set of New Old Stock (NOS) is not unheard of. A buddy of mine recently realized he's got a set of preamp NOS tubes, slightly used, made in Holland that go for over $200 now. It's kind of crazy. But, <sigh>, even I took the plunge this year. I bought some audio amps that have a tube based input stage. I've rolled some 6BZ7/ECC88 tubes and can hear a difference so I've swallowed the kool-aid and am enjoying the hobby. I have only bought 1 tube though and that was from Tube Depot. Easy and fast shipping no issues I recommend. A friend of mine lives near this shop and says its run by people who know what they are doing with a large selection Good luck.

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