Re: Brimar or Mullard 12AU7 Tubes

Gerard Repko

Yep, that’s what my dad predominately does,Now that he is mostly retired. He restores old radios for vintage radio clubs back east. I’m gonna have to let him know he probably isn’t charging enough $$😉

On Apr 13, 2020, at 3:23 PM, Gerard Repko via <> wrote:

I’ll give him another call. I guess within his circle that’s what he gets them for. He said he’s got a bunch of good used ones. Said they put them in everything back in the day, said they are a very common type. When you find the AX or AY he said those are harder to come by. Anyhow I’ll give him a call. But like I said he’s in jersey so he has to ship them to me. I’ll let you know.
On Apr 12, 2020, at 7:45 PM, Ryan - KJ7GIE <@KJ7GIE> wrote:

The price of tubes has gone up significantly over the past couple years as "audiophiles" and "vintage audio" enthusiasts are preferring them over solid-state gear. If you've got a pile of tubes on hand it may be time to sell them and retire (ok, not really). Spending over $100 a tube for a matched set of New Old Stock (NOS) is not unheard of. A buddy of mine recently realized he's got a set of preamp NOS tubes, slightly used, made in Holland that go for over $200 now. It's kind of crazy. But, <sigh>, even I took the plunge this year. I bought some audio amps that have a tube based input stage. I've rolled some 6BZ7/ECC88 tubes and can hear a difference so I've swallowed the kool-aid and am enjoying the hobby. I have only bought 1 tube though and that was from Tube Depot. Easy and fast shipping no issues I recommend. A friend of mine lives near this shop and says its run by people who know what they are doing with a large selection Good luck.

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