Habitat for Humanity Donation/Truck Needed

Ken Koch WA7KK

I have a couple of fairly large windows, and a few small ones that I've replaced as a part of a remodel.  They are in excellent condition and it occurred to me that they would probably make a good donation for Habitat for Humanity or a similar group.  However, I do know that they (HFH) don't pick up donations of this kind.  If anyone has a truck and they would be willing to do the transport (once things open up) then I'll save them rather than trash them.  I don't really want to rent a truck to do the donation since I really can't move them by myself anyway.

Unfortunately, I need to make the decision on whether to dump them or donate them relatively soon (the next couple of weeks), probably before I can verify that a charity would definitely want them.  If they don't, then I may need help transporting them to a dump.

If anyone with a relatively large pickup or other truck is feeling charitable then I'd like to tentatively reserve their time.

Outside of that, if anybody in the group has a possible personal need for some windows I will give you the dimension and specifics.

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