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Mark McClain

I have also had pretty good luck with front fender/hood mounted antennas. 


I did some experimentation on a Chrysler minivan I had many years ago with two different mounts on the drivers side.  One was back close to the column (pillar) and the other was forward near the nose.  My testing showed a noticeable difference between the two and the forward-mounted antenna did better when testing to a repeater that was behind the van.  So you might want to give some consideration to how close to your pillar it is mounted.





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I use a hood mount designed for my Ram, and it works just fine. I can hit the repeater from Skagit and Lewis counties.


They make a hood mount for your truck too.


On Mon, May 4, 2020, 09:03 Mike Jacob <golferguy02@...> wrote:

Well, I'm finally getting ready to put a mobile rig into my truck.

I am pretty sure I've settled on a Kenwood TM-V71A. 

I'd love to get your opinions and any pics you want to share about antenna mounting, models and performance you wish to share.

Some details about my rig:
Toyota truck

I use a canopy for several months a year so mounting on the inside edge of the bed rail is not going to work. 

I know that a roof mount is probably best for performance, but I'm hesitant to put on there as I'll likely break it off going into the parking garages near work as they have short clearances. (and I'll surely forget to lower it every time).
This is making me think a hood mount is the next best option.  It doesn't necessarily provide the best ground plane.  Does anyone have a hood mounted antenna and do you get "good enough" performance? 

I'm thinking something along the lines of these, but would love feedback or opinions:

Antenna models:


Potential mounting location:  (not my truck) 🙂



Thanks for sharing your opinions and any tips or mistakes to avoid. 

-Mike J



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