Advise / Help with FCC Part 15 AM/FM installation

Robin WA7CPA

I’m thinking someone from SnoVarc can make suggestions on this request?

Robin, WA7CPA 

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From: "George Jones" <georgejones@...>
Date: May 6, 2020 at 7:18:54 PM PDT
To: "'Radio Club of Redmond N7KE'" <rcrr@...>
Subject: Advise / Help with FCC Part 15 AM/FM installation



I would like to solicit suggestions/ideas from RCR members on my need to install a AM or FM low-power transmitter at my church in Renton to support “drive-in” service.   I have examined a number of suppliers of low-power Part 15 gear and am finding very little inventory due to recent demand resulting from the Corvid-19 lockdowns.


Has anyone had any experience with such devices and using and/or sourcing same.  Any suggestions on alternates to communicating using AM/FM transmission with cars in a parking lot? – using wifi and smartphones has been suggested but I don’t have clear understanding of how to proceed.


I recall a project article in Popular Electronics in the 1960’s about building your own unlicensed low-power AM station so the obvious question to all the hams out there – does anyone have any AM/FM low-power transmitter sitting on the shelf that could be borrowed or purchased?


Anyway – any thoughts would be appreciated.


George Jones


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