Re: Advise / Help with FCC Part 15 AM/FM installation

Dan Pflugrath

If you can't find inventory for a FM or AM Low power transmitter you might inquire of someone who had one of those huge Christmas light displays that broadcast music with their light show.  Seems like they would not be using it at this time so one may be able to borrow one until you can find inventory.  They might even assist in setup


There are suppliers for Christmas Light display components that may be an uncommon source with inventory.


Just a suggestion to get up and running







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Subject: [SnoVARC] Advise / Help with FCC Part 15 AM/FM installation


I’m thinking someone from SnoVarc can make suggestions on this request?



Robin, WA7CPA 

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Subject: Advise / Help with FCC Part 15 AM/FM installation



I would like to solicit suggestions/ideas from RCR members on my need to install a AM or FM low-power transmitter at my church in Renton to support “drive-in” service.   I have examined a number of suppliers of low-power Part 15 gear and am finding very little inventory due to recent demand resulting from the Corvid-19 lockdowns.


Has anyone had any experience with such devices and using and/or sourcing same.  Any suggestions on alternates to communicating using AM/FM transmission with cars in a parking lot? – using wifi and smartphones has been suggested but I don’t have clear understanding of how to proceed.


I recall a project article in Popular Electronics in the 1960’s about building your own unlicensed low-power AM station so the obvious question to all the hams out there – does anyone have any AM/FM low-power transmitter sitting on the shelf that could be borrowed or purchased?


Anyway – any thoughts would be appreciated.


George Jones



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