Thursday night mini drill


Good morning all:

Since tomorrow is the third Thursday, we will have a mini exercise after regular net. We will be doing a 6 meter tune up on SSB and FM. I will monitor the Cougar repeater while we do the 6 meter tune up. Be flexible, as I will move the frequency up or down depending on use or interference. We will start the exercise on 50.150 MHz upper side band. I will do a long call on frequency and then standby for stations to check in. Hopefully, many of you will be able to hear one another. Once we have completed the single side band contacts, we will switch to 52.54 MHz FM simplex. We will use no shift or tones on this frequency. I will do a long call on this channel, then standby for check ins. Again, I hope you will be able to hear one another. As a reminder, monitor the Cougar repeater during the exercise if you are able.

Looking forward to hearing you on 6 meters.



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