6 meter tune up


Hello everyone:

I am sorry I haven't got the summary of the 6 meter tune up out yet. I am in my RV until next Wednesday, and I failed to bring my logbook from home. I will get the summary out as soon as I can after we get back.
Sorry about that. A thumbnail sketch of the exercise was that most stations were able to hear one another. If I remember right, I was not able to hear 3 stations of all those that checked in. I feel that 6 meters offers SNOVARC some great value for public service, rag chews and EMCOMM. When I was a two way radio tech, I worked in the Snoqualmie Valley. Weyerhauser was our biggest customer. I was amazed at the coverage with the 49 MHz simplex base station they had throughout King, Snohomish and Pierce County. Maybe we should have another 6 meter tune up in the future.
Again, sorry I forgot my logbook. I will do my best to get the summary out as soon as I get home. Thanks to all of you that participated in the test.

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