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Winlink is a store and forward email system.  Messages sent are queued up and once another station, be it Telnet, VHF/UHF, HF or connects, the message is sent to that station and deleted from the system queue. So only one station will receive the email message.

You can even have several stations with the same callsign.  The email message will be sent to the first station that connects.  Stations running RMS Express (winlink) are unique, even if they are all configured to use the same callsign.  For example: If I was to send a message to KE7GFZ from my account W7ABD.  That message would stay in CMS queue until a KE7GFZ station connects.  if two KE7GFZ stations connect one after the other, only the first station would get the email message.


On 5/27/20 14:50, Howard E. Mahran / WA1HEM wrote:
Question for you Winlink veterans. I recently got Winlink on HF running (at least I believe I have). I'm wondering why messages that I have sent successfully on Winlink Express (they show up in the Sent Folder) are not reflected in my mailbox on Are they different? What am I not understanding?

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