Re: My HF rig (20 and 40m) is causing hum in Audio/TV System. Help!



Start off with the basics. Make sure all RF and audio cables are firmly plugged in, attached, screwed in, etc. Make sure your radio equipment is grounded. Find out which device seems to be getting the most interference. If there is extra power cord length to the AVunits, trying re-positioning the cord and/or winding the cord to a coil shape.

Make sure your rig is well matched to your antennas. Try reducing transmitter power to determine if there is a point where the interference stops. Ensure all RF cables of your radio gear is in good shape, not bent or smashed. On your TV, make sure you have good quality coax.

These ideas are a good start. If your problem still is present after trying all this, the ARRL used to have a good on line resource for reducing interference to home AV gear on their website, Than as always, contact some club member to come over and help you out.

Hope these ideas help.


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When my rig is transmitting we are getting a terrible buzz in our home stereo/TV system. What might be solutions?

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