Tarheel questions

Paul Butzi (W7PFB)

Great meeting last night, I particularly enjoyed the field day plan discussions and the discussion about Tarheel antennas.

But looking at the Tarheel website this morning I am dazzled by the array of choices. And now I have a lot of questions and I’m hoping the Tarheel owners will put me on the straight and narrow path to Tarheel satisfaction.

I see there are some models which differ from other models by offering power handling up to 1.5KW. I have no interest in running more than 100 watts when operating in the field, so I can exclude: Model 40, Model 100, Model 200. (assuming there are no other reasons to pick those over the lower power equivalents).

It appears to me things boil down to two issues: coil length and whip length. It seems to me a longer whip is to be preferred unless you want to operate while moving (I don’t plan that at this time). Longer whip would mean higher radiation resistance so I’m guessing I want the 72” long whip, not the 32 or 36” whip. So that rules out models: Baby, Little, Little II, am I correct?

But wait! The models with the shorter whip cover up thru 54MHz, so they cover up thru 6m. And the models with the longer whip cover up thru 26, 28, 30MHz, so they cover only up thru either 12m or 10m. And I can imagine 10m and 6m being useful. So now the shorter whip lengths suddenly look appealing.

And of course Model 300 and 400 go as low as 1.7/1.6 MHz, so they cover 160m as well. And I currently have no antenna that will cover 160m!

What is a ham to do?

Let’s assume I’m going to follow along behind Robin, and use a big big mag mount on the roof of my car, operating only when stationary. Covering 40m and 20m is essential. Covering 80m would be nice but probably of less value to me, as most of what I see doing is during the times when 80m is not really the best choice. Covering 17m-10m would be handy, and I’m wondering about the 6m option. (on the 6m thing I suspect a good option would be to just put a tuned 1/4 wave vertical on the mount and use the car as a ground plane would work well, so maybe I don’t need the Tarheel to cover 6m?)

A little guidance on this choice would be a big help.

-p W7PFB
73, Don’t forget to smile and have fun!

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