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The DVR Readback test is called by DTMF: 123

I checked cougar repeater receive via the DVR readback at 2, 30 & 50 watts from my base station at the home QTH - Was able to copy all three transmissions, although as expected the signal had more noise on it a 2 watts.

Was not able to copy cougar repeater (via DVR) from my HT at 5 watts, outdoors at my location.  But that has always been the case here.

My home QTH is 7 miles East of Downtown Duvall at an elevation of 550 feet.  My Base Antenna height is 30 feet.

Base Antenna is a Hustler G6-270 Dual Band 5/8 Wave, 8 foot vertical


On Fri, Jun 19, 2020 at 8:53 AM Ken Kosters <kenkosters@...> wrote:
Good morning,
Recently I have noticed stations that are full quiet into the repeater become very scratchy or unreadable. The more I listen the more I feel this is not just condition of the transmit stations but the repeater receive. At least 6 or more have been having this issue from various parts of Puget Sound area, south, north and east. I will try some tests this afternoon from my QTH but if anyone else has a chance please use the voice playback on the controller to get an idea how you are hitting the repeater at various transmit power settings.

Ken W7ECK 


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