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Peter Marchel

Ann and I would both like to attend.  Please let us know time.


Thank you




Peter M Marchel






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If anyone is thinking of purchasing a digital mobile radio (DMR,) by attending the Zoom meeting offered by Jamie Hughes, there will be a link to purchasing a radio at a discount. I attended a previous Zoom presentation at the WWDXC meeting and got the discount on the mobile station, which I have yet had time to set up. I will be on this Zoom presentation. The discount is a good one. I will not publish the link here but if you want the link to the discount for SnoVarc members, please email me ASAP, per Jamie's permission. The link is not to be published on social media. I got my radio promptly by mail after ordering. The discounted radios are:

AT-D878UV+ (Portable)

AT-D578UV Pro, (Mobile)

There has been some informal discussion among some SnoVarc members about whether it is time to upgrade our repeater to a Hyterra that can do DMR and analog. There are definite benefits to adding the digital feature. For one thing, even technician class licensees will be able to access worldwide talk groups as well as local special interest talk groups. Repeater pairs are maxed out in Western Washington. There is a move to convert repeaters to digital, which will increase capacity for pairs, accommodating more repeaters. 

Our repeater is experiencing some problems as we have all noticed. I believe we may also be able to access a discount by Hyterra. Now is the time as a club to figure out our next steps.

Anyway, here is the link as posted in the previous post. Don't be shy about calling Jamie if you have questions:

All are welcome though, come learn about the programming tricks before you take the plunge into DMR if you’d like.


Here is the zoom link and an invite is soon to follow:

 Jamie Hughes


Phone: (360) 362-4575

Posted here by Robin, WA7CPA

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