Re: Elmer ideas

Paul Butzi (W7PFB)

I’d be happy to cover psk31.  If we’re doing it via Zoom it would be pretty easy to do live demo from my home station.

It might be nice to throw in some other digital modes as well, if only so that when people hear/see them they know what they are.  Olivia and it’s stepchild Contestia are common enough that you’ll encounter them.  MFSK is another you’re likely to encounter.  I still see Feld-Hell on occasion and Throb and Thor are not extinct.

-p W7PFB
73, Don’t forget to smile and have fun!

On Jun 30, 2020, at 6:58 PM, Robin Amundson <wa7cpa@...> wrote:

Even though PSK31 is pretty much a dying mode using unsupported FLDGI software, I want to get into it. So, I would love it if Paul, W7PFB, would present a how to get it set up and operating etiquette.

Robin, WA7CPA

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