Winlink Earthquake Reporting Forms (DID YOU FEEL IT)


This message is for those of you that use Winlink packet.

Over the past year or so ARES and the US Geological Survey (USGS) have worked together to create a Winlink Template to report earthquakes directly to the USGS. It is titled Did You Feel It (DYFI).

This form is already loaded onto the Winlink Express program. To see it you start a new message>Select Template>Standard Templates>USGS>USGS DYFI.txt

The template will then open up in your browser.

Please look at this youtube video that will give some more details

When completed and sent it goes directly to the USGS.  The idea behind this form is for the USGS to create what they call a donut graph.  It starts at the epicenter of the quake and quotes out from there.  For example there was a 4.2 in California at 04:29 this morning, I did not feel it but did report it anyway so they could create that donut graph I mentioned before. 

You can also find more info on the project at

This is a new program and the form may change/update as time goes on.



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