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Dan Pflugrath

Glendon is correct.  When we moved the original SNOVARC repeater to the Bell's residence we happened to acquire the Cougar Mountain repeater.  While monitoring the activity on both at the same time I wanted a quick way to know which one was active.  The idea came from one of the other repeaters in the building on Cougar mountain where their main repeater was on Tiger mountain and the one on Cougar was the backup.  I can't remember what they used but I think Tiger was /R and Cougar was /C


About a year ago I mentioned to Jim  K7ABD that it should probably be changed to /R unless they use the /C and /D when monitoring both repeaters.


Robin, you are only one of the very few to ask.







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If memory serves, Carnation repeater was appended with /C and the Duvall repeater got a /D. Allows means to identify source of the signal you're receiving.

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Here is something I have wondered about since I got relicensed, but it never before rose to my consciousness to ask:
Why does the SnoVarc repeater ID in Morse Code with the call sign /C while other repeaters ID /R  ?

Robin, WA7CPA


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